Boys to Men Norcal Mentoring Network

Santa cruz

Boys to men is in santa cruz and watsonville

We've had a presence at Middle Schools in San Jose, Watsonville and Santa Cruz since 2016 and we've had a positive impact on about 120 boys in that time.

Our program is active in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District and Live Oak School District.

What the Boys Are Saying

"Boys to men means to me fun. Could say anything I can't say to anyone else and being safe without anyone judging you."

"I guess this is a place wherever you can come and share things you can't share with people and a shared place. That's what boys to men means to me."

"Boys to men helped spot a problem in my life and stop my suicidal thoughts and family matter."

"At first I had thought of killing myself because of my dad and his drugs. And in the past I tried to kill myself 2 times, but then I joined Boys to Men. They helped me overcome my fears and problems and helped me learn and express myself. Right now I'm happy and my family. "

"I'd come here every day it's awesome."

"Boys to Men to me is that there is a place I belong and feel comfortable sharing my feelings with people that I trust and I am comfortable with the other boys in the group."

"Boys to men gave me a place to talk about my problems and made me feel safe to talk and tell secrets."

"Boys to men has made me happier and more hopeful. I feel comfortable in the group."

"Boys to men was a great experience for me to talk about my dad and my life at home and sometimes we went on field trips."

"Boys to men makes me happy and is a place where I feel safe and can laugh. A place where you can be serious and laugh."

"It's cool because there's lots of fun things to do."