Thank you for supporting us through the 2022-23 School Year!

Your donation directly supports our mission.

Our mission is to support boys as they develop into healthy, positive men. All donations and everything we do goes to support that mission.

Thank you for supporting boys in their journey of positive masculinity!

We have big plans for 2022-2023 and your donations make a difference!

More Mentors + More Circles = More Support for Boys: Your donations help us recruit and train, so we can support more schools and more boys.

Special Events and Educational Materials: We hope to provide special events for the boys and provide educational material for schools and parents on how to provide for the unique needs that boys have.

Team & Infrastructure Development: When we can hire staff to help us with social media, video editing and administrative support, it lets us grow and support more schools more easily.

Grants and Scholarships: We hope to create scholarships and grants for young men who want to go to college, vocational school, create community projects or start new businesses.

Your donation will help us accomplish all this!

We are an established 501c(3) corporation so donations are tax deductible. EIN: 85-2680157

Thank you from the Boys to Men NorCal Team!